Auditions for

Agatha Christie's'And Then There Were None' 

Monday and Tuesday, September 11 & 12 @ 7:30pm at the theater

298 Conklin Street, Farmingdale 11735!

Please bring a headshot, resume and your best british accent.

Hardscrabble Theater is seeking Actors and Directors for our upcoming One-Act Festival slated for 2018.  Resumes and headshots are welcome at any time.H

ROGERS – Middle Aged – A dignified butler
MRS. ROGERS – Middle Aged - Roger’s wife – she is a frail woman
FRED NARRACOTT – (Minor Role) -  30’s-60’s - Delivery Man
VERA CLAYTHORNE 25-40 attractive former governess who comes to Indian Island purportedly to serve as a sec'y to Mrs. Owen.
PHILIP LOMBARD – 25-40 - A mysterious, confident and resourceful man who seems to have been a mercenary soldier in Africa. 
ANTHONY MARSTON – 20’s-30 - A rich, athletic, handsome youth.
WILLIAM BLORE – Middle Aged - A former police inspector. Blore is a well-built man whose experience often inspires others to look to him for advice. 
GENERAL MACKENZIE - late 60’s-80’s – a guilt ridden former General
EMILY BRENT –  late 60’s-80’s - An old, ruthlessly religious woman who reads her Bible every day.
SIR LAWRENCE WARGRAVE – 60’s-70’s - A recently retired judge. A highly intelligent old man with a Commanding personality.